Negotiated return of a portion of the interest earned by the lender of stock to a short seller. When a stock is sold short, the seller borrows stock from an owner or custodian and delivers it to the buyer. The proceeds are delivered to the lender. The borrower, who is short, often wants a rebate of the interest earned on the proceeds under the lender's control, especially when the stock can be borrowed from many sources. Note: The seller must pay the lender any dividends paid out or, in the case of bonds, interest that accrues daily during the term of the loan. Bloomberg Financial Dictionary
In the context of excise duty, a reduced rate of duty that is allowed on oils that have been put to industrial and off-road use. They are marked to show that they have been rebated. It is illegal to use rebated fuels as fuel in road vehicles. HM Customs & Revenue Glossary

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I. rebate re‧bate 1 [ˈriːbeɪt] noun [countable] FINANCE
1. an amount of money that is paid back to you when you have paid too much:

• You may be entitled to a tax rebate .

• 1.6 million tenants claimed a rent rebate.

rebate on

• You may get a rebate on your car insurance, if your car is off the road for at least 28 days.

2. part of the price that is paid back to customers when they buy something:
rebate on

• Ford is offering a $2,000 rebate on this model.

  [m0] II. rebate re‧bate 2 [rɪˈbeɪt ǁ rɪˈbeɪt, ˈriːbeɪt] verb [transitive]
1. to pay part of the price of something back to customers when they buy it. In some places it can be illegal to do this:
rebate something to somebody

• the agency's practice of rebating to its clients part of the commission it receives from the sale of securities

— rebating noun [uncountable] :

• Insurance companies say rebating hurts insurers, agents, and ultimately consumers.

2. to pay an amount of money back to someone when they have paid too much:
rebate something to somebody

• Council members want to rebate half the city's $21 million surplus to taxpayers.

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rebate UK US /ˈriːbeɪt/ noun [C]
ACCOUNTING, FINANCE, TAX an amount of money that is paid back to you after you have paid too much: »

She thinks she is due a tax rebate.


Any homeowner who has had a devaluation in their property is eligible for a rebate.

apply/qualify for a rebate »

A good number of senior citizens across the state have still not applied for their rebates.

get/receive a rebate »

If you do not currently receive a rebate and are on a low income, please apply to the council now.

COMMERCE an amount of money that a manufacturer or store pays back to customers when they buy something: »

Carmakers are still using special incentives - such as rebates and cut-rate financing - to sell their vehicles.


Consumers who were putting off buying a new car have been lured into dealerships by big cash rebates, analysts said.


a rebate program/scheme

a rebate of £583/$212/20%, etc. »

Rebates of $100 are available for businesses who replace old air conditioners with new, energy-efficient models.

offer/carry a rebate »

We are offering consumers rebates ranging from $75 to $125 to buy new dishwashers or refrigerators.

a rebate on sth »

Rebates are available on all computer purchases.

Compare DISCOUNT(Cf. ↑discount) noun
rebate UK US /ˈriːbeɪt/ verb [T]
COMMERCE to pay back an amount of money to customers after they have bought something: »

Buying your pension through an independent adviser who can rebate all commission will keep charges down.


Issuers charging an annual fee will normally rebate part of it either to the cardholder or direct to a nominated charity.

ACCOUNTING, FINANCE, TAX to pay back an amount of money to someone after they have paid too much: »

All overpayments must be rebated to taxpayers.

Financial and business terms. 2012.

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